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Karlo – Photographer, Chef, Janitor

Catstar Images is home to Karlo Keet’s Photography. With his free time, Karlo likes to retreat to nature and take pictures of the scenery that mother nature provides.
Based in Calgary, AB and Established in 2009 as Catstar Creations, Catstar Images has evolved to become primarily a photography service.
Catstar Images specializes in creative model, portrait, and event photography.
If you’re interested in collaborating for a creative project, please send a message! Your thoughts and projects are welcome here.

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Standard rate is $150 per hour. Low income? Contact for more details and something can be arranged.

Catstar Images supports the LGBTQ+ community. Catstar Images welcomes everyone and is inclusive. #inclusive #equality #diversity

Please feel free to send a message for creative collaborations,

bookings, questions, or just to say hi!


(while Catstar Images does not offer wedding photography, I’ll be happy to offer a reccomendation if that’s what you’re looking for.)

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